Heritage Slimline Units

Diamond Cut Glass manufactures Slimline sealed units using a warm edge spacer system called 'Super Spacer' - Heritage is designed especially to meet the needs of the restoration and replication sectors where the overiding criteria is authentic. 
Our Heritage sealed units have an overall thickness of 12mm and a sightline of just 7mm. There are various make ups - for example: Clear Pilkington 'K', Softcoat, Obscure, Toughened, Gas filled. 
The 'U' Values range from 3.0w / M2K down to 1.9w / M2K dependant on make up and glass filing requirements. 

  • All Units will have a Black or White spacer
  • All Units will be untaped
  • All units are charged at a min of 0.3 sqm

We can offer on Toughened Glass A Line Stamp - STD stamp or No Stamps. Note; Line stamps should not be visible, however we CAN NOT always guarantee this. 

Note: The minimum size for toughened units is 250mm x 250mm 

Large Panes / Units

We reserve the right to not supply units with 4mm cavity which have a sqm area of 0.9 or above. 

Heritage Slimline Units are NOT appropriate for large panes as it can cause breakages. 

For large panes you must increase the cavity size to 6mm or 8mm depending upon the size of the unit required. 


All Heritage Slimline Units carry a 5 Year Guarantee









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